Welcome to our Youth Suicide Awareness Survey 2016
We use this survey to identify trends in youth suicide awareness so that we can target our resources at providing prevention services that meet the changing needs of schools, colleges and students.  Please complete the survey and share our link with your friends. The survey has a maximum of 19 questions and should take about 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking time to help us.  We really appreciate it.
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What age were you last birthday? *

What gender are you? *

Has anyone in your local area died by suicide in the last 12 months? *

What type of school or college do you attend? *

If you are no longer in school or college please answer F so you are automatically routed to the next relevant question

Has anyone in your school or college died by suicide in the last 12 months? *

If yes, were you or your friends offered support or counselling?

Has your school or college taken part in YSPI's Four Steps to Help Programme? *

Does your school or college run a Mental Health Awareness Week or something similar? *

Is there a teacher or member of staff in your school that you would feel comfortable talking to about personal issues? *

Would you like more information from your school or college on mental health issues? *

Have you ever attended a suicide awareness talk or a suicide prevention course? *

Are you aware of the warning signs of suicide? *

Which social networks would you use most regularly? *

We use this information to target our social media campaigns most effectively.

Do you think that good mental health is important? *

Do you think talking about mental health issues is important? *

How important would you rate the following services?

YSPI use this information to target our services as effectively as possible to make the best possible use of limited resources.
Availability of counselling services in schools or colleges *

Mental Health awareness programmes for students *

24/7 information service by text or app *

Free confidential online counselling *

Mental health training for teachers *

Would you like to receive more information about YSPI and the work we do? *

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Thank you so much for taking part in our Youth Suicide Awareness Survey 2016.  Please share this survey with your friends so that we can get as many different opinions as possible.
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